Sonntag, 5. Juli 2015

Figures, goggle play stats and more

I worked today on more figures and colours. An colourmanager would be nice but so far no time for that.

Goggle play stats seems still not right. Slideme store is doing better.
I decided an while ago to release the game too on tizen phones.

The current final version seems not support it from unity.
I switched to an patched version but was unstable.

Tizen Sdk didnt work on my windows 8.1. I still dont know how to get an phone anyway. They got an emulator too.

I really want to release my game on the tizen store. Seems not that easy.

I need to add more events with Gameanalytics. I am huge fan.

Still have none good solution for an independent leaderboard system.

Take, care M...

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