Freitag, 24. April 2015

Art update and More.

I am thinking about ideas for the right theme for the game for awhile.
Right now I want that you need to collect crew member to hire them for a ship.
To travel to an other port etc.

My first idea was ships that are build with blocks, but it seems pretty different to
get it working with the right art.

I will keep you updated and post some screenshot about the progress.

Samstag, 18. April 2015

New features^^

Just got working figures with different blocks.
Alot of great art themes are now possible.

I hope you have all a great weekend^^ Take care

Thank you for all the support so far.

Donnerstag, 16. April 2015

Fixes, Improves, Updates^^

I got alot of issues fixed yesterday. The great feedback helped out.
I keep trying to improve the game and make it more accessable.

i use alot of Tweens for the effects
i wanted to promote that a bit.

I use the pro there is a free version too.

Sonntag, 12. April 2015

Progress Progress Progress^^

Its been awhile since the last update. I just wanted to give you an quick
update how progress etc is going.

I finally got some of the effects i wanted working.
Powerups are almost done. I still have some new ideas for more updates.

Next week i need to work on more modes and different challenges.

Take care

Just a quick screen.
Guest what a red figure is?

Montag, 6. April 2015

Powerups Powerups Powerups

Just wanted to give an small update of the progress.

Doing well so far almost all powerups that i wanted are done.
Yesterday i added also small effects to the complete figures.

Will be awesome.

Happy Bank day^^

Use freeart from
for the icons^^